Exterior Design

Making your design dreams a reality is our passion. Planning with 3D computer modeling and traditional artist renderings, we can collaborate with your vision to create a design that’s authentic to your lifestyle and needs.

Bynum Design’s exterior design services provide complete design and construction documents, including:

  • site plans and dimensioned floor plans.
  • interior and exterior elevations.
  • building sections.
  • finish selections.
  • lighting plans and specs.
  • landscape plans and specs.
3d Modeling

3D Modeling

See the dimensions of your design dreams come to life before construction ever begins through 3D computer modeling. Multi-dimensional representations empower you to manipulate the environment and customize your design concept.

artist rendering

Artist Rendering

Prefer conceptualizing your idea the old-fashioned way? With artist renderings, we’ll create photorealistic watercolor or marker images of your design, which can help you visualize your design concept or assist you in marketing your space through advertising.

Unlike an architecture firm, which designs homes from the outside, making the interior fit, at Bynum Design we draw from your inspiration—targeting the way you like to live—building an exterior around living spaces.


At Bynum Design, creating interior spaces that reflect your personality is a passion. Our Interior Design services can help you analyze your current or future space and determine how to modify it to cater to your lifestyle, home, and budget.

We create interior design solutions using appropriately scaled and proportioned:

  • Furnishings
  • Lighting
  • Finishes
  • Textures
  • Built-ins
2500 Vaulx Living Room and Kitchen

Kitchen Design

Kitchens are where we live these days. Creating a space that is functional and chic is what we do. Whether you’re renovating an existing space or conceptualizing a new design, at Bynum Design we work with you to create your dream kitchen.


In neighborhoods like 12 South and Belmont, historic homes are a staple.

If you’re looking to add value to your home by making it functional and modern, it requires careful attention to detail. We can collaborate with your vision to transform your home into a space that’s authentic to your lifestyle and within your budget. Bynum Design’s Renovation services cater to residential infill projects, and we can help you restore and remodel your interior or exterior space to meet your changing needs.

We have design solutions for your renovation project:

  • open spaces;
  • updated lighting;
  • energy efficiency;
  • eco-friendly overhauls;
  • additions;
  • garage, patio, and porch makeovers;
  • and more.

Kitchen Renovation

Renovations often happen one space at a time. Updating your kitchen to match your sophisticated style and best utilize your dimensions can help you transform your current space into a dream kitchen. At Bynum Design it’s our goal to satisfy your wish list while staying within your budget.

2500 Vaulx Living Room and Kitchen

Design Build

Bringing your dream home to life is our passion. As a licensed general contractor in the state of Tennessee, Bynum Design can make your design concept a reality.

Some of our most popular Design/Build features include:

  • open floor plans
  • large, entertainment-oriented spaces
  • family and media spaces
  • energy-efficient appliances and features
  • large, highly-functional kitchens
  • main-floor master bedrooms
  • spacious master bathrooms
  • rooftop terraces
  • high ceilings
  • hardwood finishes
  • water features
  • unique landscapes

Our Design Build services utilize in-house construction management processes that ensure your project is developed exactly how it was intended as a design concept. Dee Bynum personally oversees all design build projects; and if he isn’t building it, he works closely with your contractor on a daily basis, maintaining the integrity and vision of your project, while making sure it stays on budget.

2500 Vaulx Living Room and Kitchen

New Construction

If your plans include building a single family home, duplex, townhome, or village, Bynum Design can facilitate your build from concept to completion.

When we’re building new construction, we not only consider the character of your neighborhood, zoning requirements, topography, and wind and light patterns, we consider your wish list. That’s because satisfying your vision is our first priority.

Landscape Design

At Bynum Design, we believe that a landscape’s design should blend with and enhance a home’s architecture. Through the use of 3D modeling and artist rendering we can show you a fully developed landscape environment before it’s physically built. Using these technologies, we have the power to collaborate with you and manipulate the design to your liking.