Bynum Design

Whether it’s bringing an older home into the future through chic and savvy restoration or making your design dreams a reality through new construction, at Bynum Design, telling your story and satisfying your vision is our first priority.

Our Services

Bynum Design offers a variety of services, including exterior design, interior design, renovation, landscape design, and design build. We cater to modern values through environmentally sound construction, cost-conscience design, and progressive technology.

Unlike an architecture firm, which designs homes from the outside, making the interior fit, at Bynum Design we draw from your inspiration—targeting the way you like to live—building an exterior around living spaces.

Hip, Chic, and Usable

Focusing on creating spaces that are hip, chic, and usable, our homes are designs—not structures. That’s because we don’t build houses with rooms, we create functional and stylish spaces that make your home.

If you’re looking for home design that is authentic to your lifestyle, conscious of your budget, and marries your needs with your reality, Bynum Design is right for you. From building the city-dweller’s modern farmhouse to renovating a home chef’s culinary oasis, we strive to express your vision through design. Contact us today by calling 615.415.7877. home store

Home Furnishings and Accessories

Bynum Design also operates a home furnishings and accessories retail store, d.Luxe home. Located in historic Marathon Village at 1200 Clinton Street, Suite 5, d.Luxe home offers the finest interior furnishings and accessories for your home design masterpiece.

Meet Dee

Dee Bynum has his finger on the pulse. Whether it’s following trends, scouting emerging neighborhoods and infill opportunities, or overseeing the development of a design, Dee’s dedication to—or obsession with—his projects is renowned.

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“Dee Bynum is an asset to the appeal of this community on so many levels. His work embodies excellence, blending the past and present in a modern and beautiful dwelling, which works so well with the existing older homes in our neighborhood.”
--Trish Tallon-Blanchard

A Nashville native, Dee was first a Civil Engineer in the Air National Guard, where he learned the concepts of site work, while pursuing his career in Interior Design. He worked for architectural firms for a number of years before becoming a licensed general contractor and principal of Bynum Design. He uses an innate connection to style in his design concepts, renovations, and new builds.

At Bynum Design, Dee makes it his mission to satisfy his clients’ visions. For Dee, it isn’t about creating spaces that are a shrine to his design concepts or ideals; it’s about helping his clients realize the design dreams they didn’t exactly know how to express.

Dee has extensive experience designing homes, which has enabled him to work on a variety of projects. In addition to founding and acting as the lead designer for Bynum Design, Dee also is one of three co-founders of Dream Build Nashville—a full-service development company based in Nashville.

When Dee isn’t designing and building homes in Middle Tennessee, you can find him seeking inspiration for his next design concept while traveling internationally, prepping for a photo exhibition, or hiking with his dogs. Dee also has a passion for fine wine, gardening, spending time with friends, and listening to all types of music.

Dee attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and he graduated from O’More College of Design in Franklin with a degree in Interior Design.  

Design Process

In his years of experience as a home designer, Dee Bynum has learned that during the design process, clients want to feel connected to their home projects. With Bynum Design, that’s exactly what you get.

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What You Can Expect

When you work with Bynum Design, you have one point of contact—Dee Bynum. He has innate knowledge of your home project, and he takes the time to get to know you so your design concept fits your personality.

For Dee, customer service is a big part of your experience. You can expect to meet with Dee initially and throughout the lifetime of your project. He creates the concepts and oversees the development of your home from start to finish. That means, when you have questions, he has answers.

The Knowledge You Need

From the status of your budget to the lighting installation date, Dee has the knowledge you need to stay informed and confident that your project is on track. Because Dee manages all construction projects, he maintains the necessary documentation for your project, including:

  • budget development;
  • construction agreements;
  • design concept modeling and/or rendering;
  • interior and exterior specs for finishes, lighting, plumbing, etc.;
  • and more.

If you have questions about one of our projects or want to start a project of your own, contact us today at 615.415.7877, and find out how Bynum Design can help make your design dreams a reality.

Design Concept

Dee Bynum’s approach to home design originates from his roots as an interior designer, rather than those of an architect. He is known for blending elements from history together with modern design to create his smart, signature style—something we call “American Gothic meeting Modern English.”

Though Dee has the capacity to execute a variety of architectural styles, his chic, multi-generational approach is clear in his design concepts. When you spot one of his homes, you’ll know it.

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